iU Cares is a corporate social responsibility of Inspiration Unlimited under which many social projects have been undertaken to bring about positive transformation in the society.

iU Cares is a project wishing to expand it's wings into making a difference to the world. They say one with vision drives a million.

We believe in inspiring and motivating the youth and every person to take part in uplifting the society. iU cares believes in creating an impact that can ripple through the society and positively develop all sections of the society. We are all set to welcome every project that can create even the slightest of the positive changes in the society.

Join hands, and lets reach the masses.
Upcoming Campaign(s)

iU Cares Foundation Projects

iU Cares Foundation cares to innovate projects that are largely executable by masses & simple to scale. Our team is constantly in search of simple solutions to problems of society.

Partner Projects

A lot of people globally have ideas & are running projects that impact society. Project teams would always love to scale their project impacts & we are the perfect destination for all stuck visionary teams to associate with to connect them & network them with other like-minded people.

Partner NGOs

Organizations that look for partner programs look out for us to build their volunteer base & impact of ground work. We at iU Cares also partner with NGOs globally to help scale their work.

Corporate Partners

CSR is the agenda of the world for every corporate organization. All CSRs look for associations that can bring innovative projects to work on, or hero scale their in-house ideas. We at iU Cares are closely working with CSRs of various companies/corporates. You are welcome to connect to us.
  • iU News Paper BAG Initiative
    They say "aim for the sky to reach the tree top", & it jist happened the same way. We aimed for a Humongous 1 Million NewsPaperBags in One day & we made it to 3,00,000 Bags made in One single Day across 11 cities & 6 Nations!!!
    Cities touched : Bangalore, Mysore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Varanasi, Chitradurga, Mandya, Udupi, Bannerghatta, Chalkere, Dharwad. 6 Countries in Total Participated - India, Malaysia, UK, Ireland, Pakistan, Sweden | 1463 Volunteers Involved | Impact : 299595 iUNewsPaperBags made
    View Impact Report